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HORK Enterprises
3221 Quick Road
Holly, MI 48442, USA
 +1 (248) 328-0231

Site Info

The HORK Enterprises web site uses html 5 with cascading style sheets. That means your browser needs to be at least from this century. We have tried to make the pages look good for all browsers, but we don't actually have any MSFT products, so it is up to how much they adhere to standards. Javascript is extensively used for navigation, downloads, and activation/deactivation of various animations. That means you miss a lot if javascript is not activated in your browser. The good news is that all javascript is hosted on this site. Also, be assured that all our gif animations are actual gif animations and not jbig2 code that will infect your half-cooked phonOS with the pegasus spyware.
This site uses zero cookies, basically because we don't want to know where you've been, and where your might be going next. We don't want that kind of responsibility. Note that this is the only page that does not comprise extensive graphics, so if you are on a "bronze" phone plan, browsing all of the site might cost you a penny.

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