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HORK Enterprises
3221 Quick Road
Holly, MI 48442, USA
 +1 (248) 328-0231


HORK Enterprises offers engineering consultancy services in the field of vehicle and occupant crash safety and related technologies. HORK enterprises is part of a network of specialists with a combined experience of over 100 years in vehicle safety systems engineering.
Product liability litigation
[ crash event ] We have participated as restraint systems expert in the successful defense of vehicle manufacturers in litigation cases. HORK Enterprises brings over 35 years of genuine experience with reseach and development of automotive safety systems and crash safety engineering.
Restraint Systems Analysis
[ OOP analysis ] Simulation Analysis is the primary tool for vehicle and occupant crash safety engineering. We have experience with the development and use of dynamic finite element codes and have deployed our own solver for general use at VirtualCrash.com. Thanks to the web interface, the same tool, used for the development of restraint systems, can also be used by non-specialists.
Patent Research
[ Seat Cushion Restraint System ] For many years the automotive safety field has seen much new development. Be it inflator or airbag designs, occupant classification systems and software, we bring experience to distinguish between mere similarities and a disguised copy. We have assisted with the successful defense of patent validity before the PTAB as well as with defending against alleged patent infringement.
Project/Engineering Management
[ Network Diagram ] Projects sometimes run into trouble. Time is running out and the performance targets have not yet been reached. If additional expertise and project management skills can help, we can make a difference. Our broad experience with safety systems, software, and hardware development can be utilized to pull the project back on track. We have taken on complex, multi-disciplinary projects and led them to a successful completion. As such we have assisted with a 'new'-NCAP project, taking a flag ship sedan from a 4-star to a 5-star rating and have assisted with rightening a derailed seatbelt program.
High Performance Computing
[ Compute Cluster ] While in previous decades there seemed to be no end to the ever increasing speed of processors, currently the performance advance is made by added more processors or processor cores to the equation. Linux clusters are the most efficient solution to provide performance for the CAE engineers, ever hungry for more. We have extensive experience with the setup and management of Linux Clusters for High Performance Computing. Job scheduling, Linux-Windows integration, and cluster management are issues we have delt with more than once. Having managed web, mail and database servers for 30 years has made us knowledgeable about systems security, too.