Fiber Composite Structures and Products

Pipes and storage silos made of fiber reinforced plastics have displaced their metal counterparts almost completely in the agricultural sector and are quickly replacing those in the industrial sector. These products are made using filament winding techniques. These products are fabricated by winding glas fibers or glas roving material onto a drum while feeding polyester resin to bond the fibers together. This winding technique can be highly automated for competitive production.

Compressively Loaded Tank Underground Tank Installation

Using the same techniques, but using more advanced materials and machines, components can be made for the aerospace industry. Satellite antennas, rocket motors, and pressure vessels are examples of successful application of filament winding. The fabrication of these products uses multi-axis computer controlled filament-winding machines. Under controlled conditions these machines achieve a high degree of accuracy. Filament winding has also been successfully used to fabricate flywheels, compressed air tanks for firemen, and chemically inert fuel tanks.

Filament Winding Products

Eigen Frequency Analysis Instrumentation Box