Occupant Spatial Sensor System

The Occupant Spatial Sensor (OSS) System is designed to classify the occupant of a vehicle and detect his/her position relative to the airbag. This allows the airbag control module to be programmed to deploy the airbag with a power that is appropriate for the situation at hand. The technology used for the Occupant Spatial Sensor has been developed by Dr. David S. Breed and Automotive Technologies International, Inc. since before 1992. Numerous patents, such as US Pat. 6,529,809 and others contained therein or still pending, cover the ideas underlying the technology.
In its first incarnation, the OSS placed four ultrasonic transducers either around the passenger or the driver seating area. These ultrasonic transducers are connected to an electronic control module that operates the transducers and processes the signals it receives back from them. The OSS uses pattern recognition techniques to determine who or what is present in the seat, and where he, she, or it is located. Specifically, the OSS can distinguish a Rearward Facing Infant Seat from other types of occupants and signal the airbag control module to disable its deployment. Echoes
The system was jointly developed by ATI and Autoliv and was first implemented in the Model Year 2001 Jaguar XK8.

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