It doesn't matter where you are going, as long as you enjoy the trip.

In that driving is sooo much more fun than flying!

European Road Trip Vacations

Map of Europe 1986 Tour of England.
1987 Tour to Mallorca.
1988 Tour of Yugoslavia.
1990 Tour of Norway.
1992 Tour to Portugal.Under Construction
1993 Tour of Poland.Under Construction

United States Road Trip Vacations

Map of USA

Vacation Trips

1995 TR7 Home coming Trip. 1996 Discover USA Trip.
1997 Tour of California.Under Construction 1998 Honeymoon Trip.

Holiday Trips

1995 Memorial Day & Labor Day Smoky Mountains Trips.Under Construction
1996 Mardi Gras Trip to New Orleans.
  Memorial Day Trip to Key West.
  Independence Day Trip to Oklahoma.Under Construction
  Labor Day Trip to South-Carolina.Under Construction
1997 Memorial Day Tour of Tennessee.Under Construction
1998 Memorial Day Trip to Wisconsin. Under Construction

Rest of the World Road Trip Vacations

  1994 South-Korean Trip.Under Construction

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