It is one of those invaluable life lessons: "We cannot change the wind, but we can adjust our sails." Changing the sails to get the most out of them can be a lot of fun!

Tempo Scow

[ scow tempo ] The Tempo Scow (also "Scow Tempo"), designed in 1963 by Jack Köper, has a length of 4.725 m (15.5'), a beam of 1.52 m (5'), and carries three sails. The main measures 8.5 m2, the genoa 3.9 m2, and the spinnaker 13 m2. It is sailed by a crew of two. With a "ready to sail" weight of circa 100 kg (220 lb) it easily planes in moderate winds. [ scow tempo ]

[ scow tempo ] In heavier winds it becomes quite spectacular, requiring the crew to make full use of trim and trapeze to master the elements. I sailed the H-160 "Flying Banana" from 1976 through 1986 alternating with crews Bas Wulffers and Loek Dijkstra, and it was a blast!

Though the number of sailors have dwindled in The Netherlands and Germany, the International Tempo Class Organization is still active in promoting the class. This YouTube video of the Tempo in action brought back some happy memories.

16' Rebel

A different place and a different time. With Michigan being known for its lakes, it was only a matter of time before I would end up sailing again. In 2014 I found a place in Rebel 4140, skippered by Kevin Nickels. The Rebel is 16' ¼" (4.88 m) long, has a beam of 6' 7½" (2.02 m), weighs 700 lb (318 kg) and carries two sails, totalling 1660 sq.ft. (15.4 m2). The Rebel is a "one design" class, actively managed by the National Rebel Class Association. [ Rebel 4140 Leads ] After that first "practice year", we got more serious and won the 2015 National Championship that was sailed on our home lake. While races were won in 2016, we couldn't quite repeat that overall success at the Nationals on Greenwood Lake, NJ, but did win the fall regatta on Clark Lake, MI.
[ Rebel 4140 Beating ][ Rebel 4140 Focussed ]
During the summer you can find me sailing on Lake Fenton, every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening that I can find the time, trying to adjust the sails as best as we can.

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