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HORK Enterprises
3221 Quick Road
Holly, MI 48442, USA
 +1 (248) 328-0231

About HORK Enterprises

HORK Enterprises was founded in 1998 by Henk B. Helleman to provide the specialty services of Occupant and Vehicle Crash Safety Engineering Consultancy to the Automotive and Aerospace Industries. Henk Henk Helleman has over 30 years experience with the science and development of Automotive Safety Restraint Systems. With expertise in occupant simulation analysis and first hand experience Driver Airbag Dual Stage Deployment with the development of the advanced airbag systems and active/passive safety systems integration we are well equipped to address both today's and tomorrow's occupant safety issues. Moreover, HORK Enterprises is strategically associated with experts in related fields such that we can accomodate assignments of varying scope and complexity. HORK Enterprises is conveniently located in the heart of the U.S. Automotive Industry in South-East Michigan.
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"HORK" is a West-Friesian word (West-Friesian itself is an old Dutch dialect) meaning "Rebel". It signifies our commitment to find new and better ways to perform our services and to cast off the average and the mediocre. Taking a more intelligent approach to solving problems is what sets us apart from the competition.